westpoint construction

Environmental Management Systems


The Company‚Äôs environmental management system objectives are clearly defined in our Environmental Management Policy statement.  On all new projects material waste is minimised during the design and construction stages with the use of Waste Management Plans, emissions are reduced and we maximise the efficient use of energy.  We also prevent waste going to landfill, unless absolutely necessary, through the use of soil hospitals and waste segregation, either at source or at a recycling facility. 

Our on site environmental management systems cover many aspects of site working and the impact on the immediate and surrounding environment.  Consideration is given to noise and traffic pollution reduction, the implementation of parking restrictions for site operative owned vehicles and we act on any potential issues that arise during the construction phase.

Waste Management is carried out in accordance with our Waste Management Plan and we are progressing with the implementation of WRAP guidelines but already recycle over 90% of our site waste.

Key staff members have visited the BRE Innovation Park in Watford and also regularly attend seminars held by BRE.  Recently we undertook a complete sustainability audit with the assistance of BRE and their Ecohomes framework as the basis of the measurement.  We also attended the Ecobuild Exhibition to gain further knowledge and contacts in both the public and private sectors in respect of sustainable construction technologies.

Sustainable construction is ever-evolving but note that Westpoint Construction are committed to the introduction of new technologies as early as possible and to finding cost neutral alternatives.